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                         monetary-based Benefit-Sharing Mechanisms alone as a vector of 
                         local development for flooded municipalities, it is not possible 
                         to identify this evidence in the scientific literature. The 
                         present work investigates the quantitative influence of Financial 
                         Compensation on Human Development Indexes (HDI) in flooded 
                         municipalities over 20002010. The econometric analysis shows that 
                         there are no statistically significant results related to the 
                         quantities of Financial Compensation and the development 
                         variables. The findings reinforce that Financial Compensation 
                         itself could not be considered the only input to improve 
                         development processes. Management frameworks should be considered 
                         since they can provide a broader view of the affected areas, 
                         including elements such as participatory processes, adaptation 
                         management, formal and legal guidelines and stakeholder 
                         engagement. Specially in the Brazilian case, the Impact Assessment 
                         procedures and their products could provide detailed data and 
                         criteria to municipalities to manage the inflow resources.",
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