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             abstract = "The use of Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV) has being grown with 
                         many applications such as: ecological monitoring, precision 
                         agriculture, search and rescue operations, and engineering 
                         projects. An important objective of cientific community is to 
                         perform the UAV autonomous navigation. There are several 
                         strategies to develop an autonomous flight system, including the 
                         use of an inertial sensor combined with GPS, computer vision and 
                         visual odometry. The latter scheme is the focus of this article. 
                         Visual Odometry is applied and tested on the UAV RMAX helicopter. 
                         In order to implement the OV positioning system, the SURF and 
                         RANSAC algorithm were used as descriptors of the points of 
                         interest and post-processing to remove the false points of 
                         correspondence, respectively. The visual odometry method presents 
                         a cumulative error, but in the test performed, the maximum 
                         positioning UAV error was below 20 meters, which is acceptable 
                         when compared with the GPS error.",
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