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             abstract = "This paper provides a real example of applying COCOMO II as an 
                         estimation technique for the required software development effort 
                         in a safety-critical software application project following the 
                         DO-178C processes. The main goal and contribution of the case 
                         study is to support the research on software effort estimation and 
                         to provide software practitioners with useful data based on a real 
                         project. We applied the method as it is, by correlating the effort 
                         multiplier factors with the complexity and objectives introduced 
                         by the DO-178C level A application, resulting in an estimated 
                         effort. The rationales for each scale factor and effort multiplier 
                         selection were also described in detail. By comparing the 
                         estimated values with the actual required data, we found a 
                         magnitude of relative error (MRE) of 40% and provided alternatives 
                         for future work in order to increase the effort estimation 
                         accuracy in safety-critical software projects.",
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