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             abstract = "This study presents an analysis of a period with positive 
                         precipitation anomalies and anomalous severe weather activity in 
                         parts of the Southeastern Brazil during the dry season (austral 
                         winter). The objectiveof this work is to identify the synoptic 
                         pattern associated with the severe episodes on August 2018. The 
                         analysis was based on observational data and the CFSR (Climate 
                         Forecast System Reanalysis). Standardized anomalies of the main 
                         meteorological variables were used in the analysis. An anomalous 
                         trough in the mid and upper troposphere and the associated 
                         low-level flow from the Amazon Basin to Southeastern Brazil 
                         provided high amount of precipitable water, and were the main 
                         responsible for the rainfall markedly above the climatology along 
                         with severe hail and strong winds. The atmospheric environment was 
                         conditionally unstable due to a stationary front. These type of 
                         analyzes should be taken into consideration at this time of year 
                         to improve weather forecasts and minimize impacts in such 
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