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             abstract = "Magnetic reconnection permits topological rearrangements of the 
                         interplanetary and magnetospheric magnetic fields and the entry of 
                         solar wind mass, energy, and momentum into the magnetosphere. 
                         Thus, magnetic reconnection is a key issue to understand space 
                         weather. However, it has not been fully understood yet under which 
                         interplanetary/magnetosheath conditions magnetic reconnection 
                         takes place more effectively at the dayside magnetopause. In the 
                         present study 25 dayside magnetopause reconnection events are 
                         investigated using the Time History of Events and Macroscale 
                         Interactions during Substorms (THEMIS) satellite observations in 
                         order to find its dependence on solar wind and magnetosheath 
                         conditions. It is found that the reconnection electric field is 
                         proportional to the interplanetary electric field and inversely 
                         proportional to the solar wind-Alfv{\'e}n Mach number and that 
                         the reconnection outflow speed is proportional to the solar wind 
                         Alfv{\'e}n speed and inversely proportional to the magnetosheath 
                         plasma beta. It is also shown that the range of magnetic shear 
                         angles for which magnetic reconnection should occur is restricted 
                         to large shears as the magnetosheath flow direction becomes more 
                         perpendicular to the direction of the local magnetopause normal 
                         vector. Since these results refer to fairly typical solar 
                         wind-Alfv{\'e}n Mach number condition, they may not necessarily 
                         apply to more extreme cases.",
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