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             abstract = "The Brazilian Colloquium on Orbital Dynamics (CBDO) is a 
                         scientific meeting that takes place every two years since 1982. 
                         Its main goal is to bring together researchers, professors, 
                         undergraduate and post graduate students who develop works on pure 
                         and applied Celestial Mechanics in the same lectures and 
                         discussions atmosphere, and thus to drive collaboration between 
                         these areas. The XIX CBDO 2018 took place at the Test and 
                         Integration Laboratory (LIT) of the National Institute for Space 
                         Research (INPE), in S{\~a}o Jos{\'e} dos Campos (SP), Brazil, 
                         between December 03 - 07, 2018, and more than 230 attendant from 
                         South and North America, Europe and Asia presented works of which 
                         31 were selected for publication in this volume of the Journal of 
                         Physics: Conference Series. The highlight of this issue is the 
                         consolidation of the research groups on Celestial Mechanics in 
                         several Brazilian universities.",
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