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                         system, before and after a Powered Swing-By maneuver with an 
                         impulse applied during the close encounter with the secondary body 
                         is studied. The Powered Swing-By maneuver is a combination of the 
                         effect of the gravity of a celestial body and an impulse applied 
                         to the spacecraft during its passage by the periapsis of its orbit 
                         relative to the secondary body. This combination modifies the 
                         spacecraft's trajectory, changing its parameters and, 
                         consequently, its energy. The objective is to quantify the effect 
                         of different mass parameters on the optimum direction to apply the 
                         impulse and in the energy variation of this more complex maneuver. 
                         It is focused on the twodimensional and elliptical maneuver. 
                         Optimum solutions for energy gains are presented.",
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