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             abstract = "This paper presents the study of the influence of the oblateness 
                         of one planet in the temporary gravitational capture of a particle 
                         (or a spacecraft) around the main celestial body of the system. 
                         The gravitational capture is a physical phenomenon where a 
                         celestial body (or a spacecraft), initially in a hyperbolic orbit 
                         with positive energy with respect to the main body of the system, 
                         is captured by another celestial body, changing the energy of the 
                         orbit to negative during a determined time. In this way, we have a 
                         temporary capture of this body or spacecraft. In the case of a 
                         spacecraft, it is possible to make this capture permanent by the 
                         application of a propulsion system to the spacecraft. This 
                         technique is done with savings over the traditional maneuvers 
                         performed without the support of the temporary capture, so it can 
                         help mission designers in the planning of the mission. As an 
                         example, the system used in the present paper is composed by the 
                         Sun-Jupiter-particle, and this system is modeled by the circular 
                         restricted three-body problem (CR3BP) plus the oblateness of 
                         Jupiter. To determine the effects of the oblateness in the 
                         dynamics of the particle, it is used the design of experiments to 
                         generate the data for a global analysis of the model. The 
                         oblateness of the planet is varied to show the effects of this 
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