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             abstract = "This work presents a study related to the perturbation of the Sun 
                         in the orbital evolution of artificial satellites on frozen orbits 
                         around Mars. The effect generated by the nonsphericity of Mars is 
                         considered. Frozen orbits are orbits that have the eccentricity 
                         and the argument of periapsis of the nominal orbit constant on 
                         average. Our goals are to verify how the gravity effect of the Sun 
                         affect such orbits and study their stability as a function of the 
                         parameters involved. We have performed numerical integrations 
                         considering different initial conditions for the frozen orbits. 
                         Using the method of the integral of the disturbing accelerations 
                         it is possible to calculate the magnitude of the total velocity 
                         variation due to each perturbation, as well as the degree and 
                         order of the most significant spherical harmonic over a long time. 
                         Our results showed that the effect of the perturbation of the Sun 
                         on the satellites depends on the initial values of eccentricity 
                         and semi-major axis of the orbit of the satellite.",
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