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             abstract = "Considering that plant phenology studies allow establishing 
                         relationships between phenological patterns of vegetation and 
                         changes caused by climate variability, the aim of this study was 
                         to obtain phenological metrics for the predominant grassland 
                         typologies in Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil (latitudes 27 05 
                         and 33 45 S and longitudes 49 43 and 57 39 W) and to evaluate 
                         the spatial-temporal distribution pattern of these metrics under 
                         the influence of the subtropical climate variability. The 
                         phenological metrics were obtained based on the time series of the 
                         EVI (Enhanced Vegetation Index), of the sensor MODIS (Moderate 
                         Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer), for the period from 2001 to 
                         2014, through the Timesat program. Eleven phenological metrics 
                         were extracted, identifying the presence of two spatial 
                         distribution patterns of grass-dominated typologies in the Rio 
                         Grande do Sul state, Brazil, one located in the south-central 
                         region and the other located in the northeast, along the coast and 
                         in the western portion of the state. In addition, it was also 
                         observed that the phenological pattern of the grassland vegetation 
                         of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, is controlled by the 
                         seasonality of vegetation, mainly associated with the variations 
                         in air temperature.",
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