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             keywords = "Requirements Testing, Safety-Critical Systems, Safety 
             abstract = "Testing a software system is an important step approach to 
                         ensuring quality, safety, and reliability in safety-critical 
                         systems (SCS). Several authors have published new approaches to 
                         improve the processes of testing safety requirements taking into 
                         consideration existing processes that seek to improve techniques 
                         and contribute positively with software developers. This article 
                         aims to investigate the main approaches to requirements testing, 
                         particularly focusing on safety requirements in the context of 
                         SCS. We investigated how these approaches have been developed and 
                         what contributions they provide to academia and industry. We 
                         evaluated the pros and cons of the approaches and how they related 
                         to the joint work of requirements engineers and testers. We 
                         performed a systematic literature review (SLR), selecting 53 
                         papers published between 1990 and 2018. Our research was conducted 
                         according to the guidelines proposed by Kitchenham and Biolchini. 
                         The results of this SLR point out to the new research related to 
                         the software and safety-critical systems testing. The results show 
                         issues in the integration of requirements engineers with the 
                         application test team and gaps in the approaches found, 
                         particularly in the applications of the techniques in the industry 
                         setting. Moreover, several approaches are presented to solve 
                         problems and help to prevent future problems. The results of this 
                         research point to the main approaches to requirements testing and 
                         their use in academia and industry, as well as the advantages and 
                         disadvantages. The shortcomings allow us to suggest new research 
                         in safety-critical systems in the scope of validation, 
                         verifcation, specifcation, and testing of safety requirements, as 
                         well as to integrate test teams with requirements engineers in 
                         order to get better results. Based on the results, we suggest 
                         future studies for improvements in the requirements testing 
                         techniques to improve the integration of safety requirements and 
                         test cases.",
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