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             abstract = "The small-scale mining techniques applied all over the Amazon 
                         river basin use water from streams, including digging and riverbed 
                         suctioning, rarely preventing environmental impacts or recovery of 
                         the impacted areas. As a consequence, thousands of tons of 
                         inorganic sediment (which can contain mercury) have been 
                         discharged directly into the rivers creating sediment plumes that 
                         travel hundreds of kilometers downstream with unknown consequences 
                         to the water quality and aquatic biota. We hypothesize that 
                         because of intensification of mining activities in the Brazilian 
                         Amazon, clear water rivers such as the Tapaj{\'o}s and Xingu 
                         rivers and its tributaries are becoming permanently turbid waters 
                         (so-called white waters in the Amazonian context). To investigate 
                         this hypothesis, satellite images have been used to monitor the 
                         sediment plume caused by gold mining in Amazonian rivers. Given 
                         the threat of intense water siltation of the Amazonian rivers 
                         combined with the technological capacity of detecting it from 
                         satellite images, the objective of this chapter is to inform the 
                         main activities carried out to develop a monitoring system for 
                         quantifying water siltation caused by small-scale gold mining 
                         (SSGM) in the Amazon rivers using multi-satellite data.",
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