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             abstract = "ABSTRACTThis work presents results on the application of a crack 
                         treatment byusing clayey material in cement mortar. In this way, 
                         it is analyzed the behavior of the material applied in the 
                         external pathologies of a residential property. Results are 
                         presented in order to explain all the stages of the methodology 
                         used here, as well as to display some features of the method such 
                         as the time of observation, an attribute determined after the 
                         application of the technique. From the results, it is observed 
                         that the evaluations are in good agreement with what was expected 
                         for the technique.Since the developed mortar presented good 
                         texture and resistance, it was proven that the material is 
                         suitable to be applied in engineering services. It is interesting 
                         to observe that the method achieved a good resistance, since in 
                         just seven days of healing it became higher compared to the 
                         reference trace. This feature is due to the way the trace is 
                         executed, since this procedure directly affects the results. 
                         Another important benefit obtained with the proposed method is 
                         related to the infiltrations, whereall points have ceased and the 
                         pathologies did not reappear. It is emphasized that the 
                         observation was made for a period of one year, an appropriate time 
                         for the occurrence of new pathological manifestations. In 
                         addition, the new material was applied in the cracks of a fence 
                         wall located in a residence at Manaus, Amazonas. In this way, the 
                         occurrence of pathologies is probably related to the shrinkage in 
                         concrete. This process is due to the loss of volume that occurs in 
                         the cement mass, being related to the reduction of excess water 
                         from the mixture by the evaporation method. The main objective of 
                         using cement mortar is to eliminate this problem in the long-term 
                         maintenance, as it causes an aesthetic discomfort. Finally, the 
                         application of the method was proven to be suitable for the 
                         studied case, since we have observed a satisfactory result. Also, 
                         the method application had a low cost since it is derived from a 
                         natural material easily found in nature.Keywords:Cement.",
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