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             abstract = "This work aims to present an overview of the top-level ontology 
                         BFO - Basic Formal Ontology - and its applicability for Satellite 
                         Systems. As an upper level ontology, the BFO was designed to be 
                         extended, providing the basis for the specification of detailed 
                         representational artifacts about scientific information domains. 
                         These aspects and the challenges of satellite systems complexity 
                         and large size compose a suitable scenario for the creation of a 
                         specialized dialect to improve efficiency and accuracy when 
                         modeling such systems. By analyzing BFO based ontologies in other 
                         disciplines and existing satellite models it is possible to 
                         describe an application for satellite systems, which can provide a 
                         foundation for the creation of a concrete ontology to be applied 
                         on satellite modeling.",
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