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             abstract = "In this work, it is shown how a spacecraft equipped with a thrust 
                         and subjected to a drag force can be bounded at specifc altitudes 
                         as function of the parameters of the thrust. It is used nonlinear 
                         dynamics tools to fnd attractors, which bound the motion of the 
                         spacecraft. For a specifc set of parameters of the thrust, the 
                         spacecraft is bounded to a given altitude. Several forms for the 
                         thrusts are proposed in order to bound the altitude of the 
                         spacecraft. The infuence of several forms of perturbations in the 
                         altitude of the spacecraft is also investigated in this work, like 
                         the solar radiation pressure, gravity of the Moon and oblateness 
                         of the Earth. Finally, nonlinear dynamics tools are also used to 
                         investigate transfers among the bounded orbits in diferent 
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