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             abstract = "We used climate models to assess the effects of 2 distinct 
                         anthropogenic forcings on the water budget in the Amazon basin: 
                         (1) increasing global greenhouse gases under the RCP8.5 scenario, 
                         and (2) land cover change caused by deforestation. The Eta 
                         regional climate model, driven by the Brazilian Earth System Model 
                         version 2.5 (BESM 2.5), was used to simulate the climate response 
                         under the RCP8.5 scenario and due to deforestation throughout the 
                         21st century. Changes in energy and water budgets led to an 
                         increase in temperature that reached 5C throughout the basin. In 
                         the RCP8.5 scenario, moisture convergence, precipitation and 
                         evapotranspiration all decreased. In this scenario, the positive 
                         feedback mechanism was predominant, as the reductions in 
                         evapotranspiration and moisture convergence acted in the same 
                         direction to reduce precipitation. In the future deforestation 
                         scenarios, reductions in precipitation were even stronger. In this 
                         case, the negative feedback mechanism predominated, in which the 
                         relative reduction in evapotranspiration was greater than the 
                         reduction in precipitation, leading to an increase in moisture 
                         convergence over the region. Changes in temperature and the water 
                         cycle were intensified in the future deforestation scenarios. 
                         These results show that the 2 anthropogenic factors can change the 
                         water budget and cause an imbalance in the climate-biome system in 
                         the Amazon basin, highlighting the need for public conservation 
                         policies to halt the increase in environmental degradation in the 
                         Amazon basin and to reduce greenhouse gases emissions due the 
                         burning of fossil fuels.",
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