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             abstract = "The use of SAR images has been highlighted in scientific research 
                         focused on forest data collection worldwide. Thus, the present 
                         work aimed at gathering studies turned to the application of SAR 
                         images to obtain biophysical variables of forests in Brazil. Based 
                         on studies published in recognized databases, a growing amount of 
                         publications over time was observed with more focus on researches 
                         made mainly in Amazonian biome, followed by planted forests with 
                         eucalyptus destined to wood production. Most works were made based 
                         on airborne radar data, followed by ALOS/PALSAR and JERS-1 orbital 
                         data. It is remarkable the scientific knowledge produced using 
                         radar data from Brazilian forests, demonstrating that this 
                         technology is an other tool for studies and applications in 
                         Forestry Sciences that can assist in the countrys forestry 
                         management. Nevertheless, the need of studies on the several 
                         forest typologies across Brazil was evidenced, along with the lack 
                         of research related to radar use to estimate biophysical variables 
                         in caatinga and Atlantic Forest biomes.",
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