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             abstract = "The different graphite morphologies, like graphite intercalation 
                         compound (GIC), expanded graphite (EG), and exfoliated graphite 
                         (ExfG), were investigated as microwave absorbing materials (MAMs). 
                         The modification of the GIC was carried out in two independent 
                         parts, consisting of heat treatment and subsequent ultrasound 
                         agitation, forming the EG and ExfG, respectively. The surface 
                         morphology and structural characterization were investigated using 
                         the scanning electron microscope and Raman spectroscopy. 
                         Electromagnetic characterization was performed with a vector 
                         network analyzer and rectangular waveguide in the frequency range 
                         from 8.2 to 12.4 GHz (X-band) and from 12.4 to 18 GHz (Ku-band). 
                         The effects of different graphite morphologies and thickness of 
                         the composite were analyzed on the electromagnetic properties. The 
                         results of the reflection loss show that the samples affect the 
                         performance of the MAMs. The EG sample presents an excellent 
                         attenuation of around - 22.5 dB (\& 99 microwave attenuation) for 
                         2 mm thickness samples within the X-band frequency range. This 
                         behavior can be attributed to the expanded and interconnected 
                         structure of the EG, which has a large surface area and 
                         connectivity between the structures within the composite. Thus, it 
                         was found that EG is the best graphite structure for application 
                         in microwave absorber of broadband. The GIC and ExfG exhibited 
                         poor performance of microwave absorption (above - 10 dB).",
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