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             abstract = "The process of data assimilation, in which meteorological 
                         observations and weather forecasts are merged to provide an 
                         analysis field, has been largely studied by the scientific 
                         community and operational centers. The 3D-Variational (3D-Var) 
                         approach available in the Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) 
                         computer model is evaluated for data assimilation for the Terminal 
                         Control Area of Rio de Janeiro (TCA-RJ). The basic goal of any 
                         variational data assimilation system is to produce an optimal 
                         estimate of the atmospheric state at analysis time. The analysis 
                         field is estimated from a first guess (previous forecast) and an 
                         observation field, weighted by the error matrices. The WRF is 
                         designed for nowcasting (forecasts up to 6h) for the TCA-RJ 
                         through assimilation cycles using surface, sounding, and wind 
                         profile data. The preliminary results show the model sensibility 
                         for each observation type and encourage the use of this technique 
                         operationally for the support of the air traffic management 
                         controlled by the Brazilian Air Force.",
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