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             abstract = "This paper provides a new design procedure for robust current 
                         controllers applied to LCL-filtered grid-tied inverters suitable 
                         for the integration of renewable energy sources. The design takes 
                         into account the digital implementation delay, multiple resonant 
                         controllers and operation under uncertain grid impedance. The 
                         procedure is based on the optimization of an objective function 
                         that allows to get a good trade-off between the settling of 
                         transient responses and rejection of disturbances. A particle 
                         swarm algorithm is used to find the optimal control gains and, 
                         differently from other works, here the robust stability of the 
                         closed-loop system under uncertain parameters is theoretically 
                         certified by means of linear matrix inequalities. Experimental 
                         results are shown, confirming that the closed-loop system with 
                         gains obtained by the proposed procedure presents a good tradeoff 
                         between robustness and performance, with suitable transients and 
                         grid currents with low harmonic content, complying with 
                         requirements from IEEE 1547 Standard, becoming a useful robust 
                         control design alternative for power converters in the distributed 
                         generation scenario.",
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