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             abstract = "A study was conducted in two selected areas of the Brazilian 
                         cerrado using Landsat imagery during a five years period 
                         (1996-2000), to address the following estimation issues: (1) burnt 
                         area using statistical sample techniques; (2) burnt scars 
                         permanence; and (3) recurrence of biomass burning. Regarding the 
                         burnt area estimates, a decrease of approximately 60% was observed 
                         during the period and was consistent in both study areas. It was 
                         also observed that the physiognomies most affected (wooded 
                         savannah and shrub savannah) remained the same throughout the 
                         period considered. A method was developed to allow a quantitative 
                         assessment to be made for the mean time of permanence of the burnt 
                         scars. The results indicated that there exists a large annual 
                         variation that also depends on the type of physiognomy affected. 
                         Regarding the recurrence (reincidence period), the most common 
                         pattern was characterized by the occurrence of only two burns in 
                         the period, spaced by two years time.",
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