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             abstract = "This paper proposes the implementation of Esfinge Gamification 
                         framework to modularize the gamification concerns within an 
                         application. We carried out a qualitative study to develop a 
                         prototype for a classification system of transient luminous events 
                         in order to evaluate the proposed approach with regards to the 
                         identification of the dependencies that are necessary to 
                         instantiate such framework, evaluating the resulting coupling. 
                         From the use of a Dependency Structure Matrix, it was shown that 
                         Esfinge Gamification does not rely on any information related to 
                         the domain-specific application, except in the category of 
                         recovering points. Based on that, it is possible to conclude that 
                         the framework was able to modularize the gamification features, 
                         having dependencies only for configuration and to retrieve 
                         gamification data.",
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