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             abstract = "Asteroids are small bodies that raises high interest, because they 
                         have unknown characteristics. The present research aims to study 
                         orbits for a spacecraft around the triple asteroid 45 Eugenia. The 
                         quality of the observations made by the spacecraft depends on the 
                         distance the spacecraft remains from the bodies of the system. It 
                         is used a semi-analytical model that is simple but able to 
                         represent the main characteristics of that system. This model is 
                         called {"}Precessing Inclined Bi-Elliptical Problem{"} (PIBEP). A 
                         reference system centered on the main body (Eugenia) and with the 
                         reference plane assumed to be in the orbital plane of the second 
                         more massive body, here called Petit-Prince, is used. The 
                         secondary bodies are assumed to be in elliptical orbits. In 
                         addition, it is assumed that the orbits of the smaller bodies are 
                         precessing due to the presence of the flattening of the main body 
                         (J2). This work analyzes orbits for the spacecraft with passages 
                         near Petit-Prince and Princesses, which are the two smaller bodies 
                         of the triple system.",
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