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                         multi-stage launch vehicle. Nowadays, the space market 
                         demonstrates a strong tendency towards the use of smaller 
                         satellites, because the miniaturization of the systems improve the 
                         cost/benefit of a mission. A study to evaluate the capacity of the 
                         Brazilian Microsatellite Launch Vehicle (VLM) to inject payloads 
                         into Low Earth Orbits is presented in this paper. All launches are 
                         selected to be made to the east side of the Alc{\^a}ntara Launch 
                         Center (CLA). The dynamical model to calculate the trajectory 
                         consists of the three degrees of freedom (3DOF) associated with 
                         the translational movement of the rocket. Several simulations are 
                         performed according to a set of restrictions imposed to the 
                         flight. The altitude reached in the separation of the second 
                         stage, the altitude and velocity of injection, the flight path 
                         angle at the moment of the activation of the third stage and the 
                         duration of the ballistic flight are presented as a function of 
                         the payload carried.",
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