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             abstract = "This study aims to combine dielectric and magnetic properties of 
                         different materials in an unique composite. For this, 
                         poly(o-methoxyaniline), POMA, was chemically synthesized in situ 
                         on magnetic metallic filaments (MF). The obtained composite was 
                         inserted into an epoxy resin matrix in the proportions of 40, 50 
                         and 70%, in weight (wt%). The samples were characterized by 
                         scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X ray diffraction (XRD) and 
                         electromagnetic measurements. On the last case, the measurements 
                         considered the reflectivity and the complex parameters of 
                         electrical permittivity and magnetic permeability in the frequency 
                         range of 8.212.4 GHz (X-band). Specimens with different 
                         thicknesses were evaluated by reflectivity. XRD results show that 
                         the filaments are based on Fe-\α steel and SEM analyses show 
                         the good incorporation of POMA/MF in the epoxy resin composite. 
                         The complex parameters show that the real component of 
                         permittivity shows the largest variation with the POMA/MF 
                         concentration increasing in epoxy resin and the loss tangent 
                         indicates that the magnetic losses are preponderant on dielectric 
                         ones. The reflectivity measurements show that the 5 mm-specimen 
                         with 50\ wt% of POMA/MF presents the best result of 
                         attenuation (\−21.5\ dB, i.e. above 99% of 
                         attenuation). Already, the sample containing 70\ wt% shows 
                         the worst performance (up to \−9.0\ dB). The 
                         increase of POMA/MF concentration in epoxy resin confers maximum 
                         attenuation values for less thick specimens. The results show that 
                         the combination of dielectric and magnetic materials in a 
                         composite contributes for the improvement of microwave absorbing 
                         performance, and extends the possibilities of RAM processing with 
                         different characteristics.",
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