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             abstract = "This work addresses the challenges that aerospace organizations 
                         faces in incorporating sustainability into their business strategy 
                         and operations. In response to such demand, the Integrated 
                         Management System (Quality, Environment, Social Responsibility, 
                         and Occupational Health and Safety) integrated with Lean 
                         Manufacturing presents itself as a competitive response for 
                         aerospace organizations to thrive in the industry under the 
                         principles of sustainable development. The investigation of the 
                         current models used by organizations reveals the use of Integrated 
                         Management Systems and Lean Manufacturing in a non integrated and 
                         often conflicting form. The objective of this work is to propose a 
                         model for the improvement of the corporate sustainability based on 
                         the integration of the Integrated Management System (Quality, 
                         Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, and Social 
                         Responsibility) and Lean Manufacturing System. The proposed model 
                         was applied in an organization of the aerospace industry and the 
                         implementation of the proposed model has the potential to improve 
                         the organization sustainability performance, with a faster and 
                         more flexible production, reducing inventory and quality problems, 
                         environmental, social responsibility and occupational safety and 
                         health problems, in order to make the company more competitive.",
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