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                         business discourses, the climate change narrative often emerges as 
                         an opportunity rather than a threat. This paper examines the 
                         predominant business storytelling ploys used by Brazils sugarcane 
                         industry association, UNICA to promote the industry as 
                         environmentally and socially responsible. We used both qualitative 
                         and quantitative narrative analysis to analyze thirty-five videos 
                         and multimedia presentations produced as part of UNICAs marketing 
                         communications. Drawing on insights about tropes variously evoking 
                         hero stories, learning stories and horror stories, we conclude 
                         that the sugarcane industry has developed hero and learning 
                         stories that portray the sugarcane industry as a sustainable 
                         business and ethanol as a green hero, a green, renewable energy 
                         that helps reduce greenhouses gas emissions and thus saves 
                         humanity from climate change.",
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