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TítuloGEOINFO 2015: XVI Brazilian Symposium on Geoinformatics
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Palavras-ChaveGeoinformação, Bancos de dados espaciais, análise espacial, sistema de informação geográfica, dados espaço temporais.
ResumoThe Brazilian Symposium on GeoInformatics (GEOINFO) is now consolidated as the most important reference of quality research in geographic information science and related fields in Brazil. It brings together researchers, students and practitioners from several Brazilian states, and also from abroad. GEOINFO 2015 takes place at the same cosy venue in Campos do Jordao, where participants have the privilege to be close to each other most of the time, for constructively discussing ongoing research, developments, and innovative applications. This environment has helped to widen and strengthen our community, with new cooperations, advices, and joy for nurturing ideas and developing new things, while also having a good time, all together. Past GEOINFO editions included special keynote presentations by Max Egenhofer, Gary Hunter, Andrew Frank, Roger Bivand, Mike Worboys, Werner Kuhn, Stefano Spaccapietra, Ralf Guting, Shashi Shekhar, Christopher Jones, Martin Kulldorff, Andrea Rodriguez, Max Craglia, Stephen Winter, Edzer Pebesma, Fosca Giannotti, Christian Freksa, Thomas Bittner, Markus Schneider, Helen Couclelis, Randolph W. Franklin, and Paul Brown. In this edition, we have the pleasure to receive as keynote speakers Dr. Michael Batty, from the University College London, UK, and Dr. Jan Verbesselt, from Wageningen University, The Netherlands. This year we have experienced an expansion in the number of paper submissions. Authors of papers accepted for GEOINFO 2015 come from a higher number and a wider variety of institutions than many previous editions. In our opinion, these facts evidence the vitality and evolution of our research community. Thus, please, enjoy the papers of our technical sessions, and help to make them even better, with your questions and comments. We would like to thank all the Program Committee (PC) members, whose voluntary work was essential to ensure the quality of every accepted paper. The help and advice of previous organizers and of the GEOINFO steering committee have also been paramount for the success of the current edition. At least three PC members contributed with their review to each paper submitted to GEOINFO.
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