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TítuloCUBESATS - From University to More Reliable Satellites and Missions
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Autor1 Durão, Otavio Santos Cupertino
2 Schuch, Nelson Jorge
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Afiliação1 Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE)
2 Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE)
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Nome do EventoConference On University Satellite Missions And Cubesat Workshop.
Localização do EventoRoma, Italy
DataFebruary 3 to 9 May
Editora (Publisher)Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais
Cidade da EditoraSão José dos Campos
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ResumoCubesats were at the beginning seen as an educational tool mostly. How-ever as they are acquiring space heritage and the electronic industry is capa-ble of produce more reliable components, at low cost, small dimensions at greater capacity, they start to be seen as potentially capable to perform more complex and ambitious missions at considerable lower costs than missions with related objectives but considerable larger costs due to the use of larger and more expensive satellites. The objective of the paper is to discuss those points that can play a key factor in the decision to use those cubesats based satellites to a more complex mission, and its foreseen limitations. The possi-bility to use cubesats constellations add to this potential. Also, the possibility to use larger nanosats, based on cubesat standards and assembled using 1, 2 or 3U´s cubesats for better and more refined data is discussed. The paper aims to discuss these points as well as a tradeoff between the costs of testing COTS components to be used in cubesats to increase mission reliability and the cubesat low cost original definition, moreover related to radiation re-sistance. These components are showing greater capacity over time to per-form in space. The cubesat launching possibilities and new small launchers developments with potential possibilities to be used are also discussed. The-se present limitations to a more ambitious use of cubesats may soon de-crease, especially in countries where space technology development could be considered strategic.
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