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TítuloProfiles of NOX and O3 in an amazonian rainforest: comparison of measured profiles with a multi-layter canopy chemical exchange model
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Autor1 Wolff, Stefan Aiko
2 Ganzeveld, Laurens
3 Tsokankunku, Anywhere
4 Poehlker, Christopher
5 Sá, Leonardo Deane de Abreu
6 Manzi, Antonio Ocimar
7 Souza, Rodrigo
8 Trebs, Ivonne
9 Soergel, Matthias
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Afiliação1 Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
2 Environmental Sciences Department
3 Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
4 Max Planck Institute for Chemistry Germany
5 Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE)
6 Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia (INPA)
7 Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia (INPA)
8 Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Environmental Research and Innovation (ERIN)
9 Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
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Nome do EventoIGAC Science Conference
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Data26-30 Sept.
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ResumoIn 2011, an 80 m high walk up tower for atmospheric research was erected at the ATTO (Amazon Tall Tower Observatory) site (02°0838.8S, 58°5959.5W) in the remote Amazonian rainforest. The nearly pristine environment allows biosphere-atmosphere studies within an ecosystem far away from large anthropogenic emission sources. Since April 2012 vertical mixing ratio profiles of H2 O, CO2 and O3 were measured at 8 different heights between 0.05 m and 79.3 m. During five intensive campaigns (Oct-Dec 2012, OctNov 2013, Mar 2014, Aug-Sep 2014, Oct-Dec 2015) nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2 ) were also measured. Since the end of 2015 NOx measurements are performed continuously. We applied the Multi-layer Canopy Chemical Exchange Model MLC-CHEM to support the analysis of the observed profiles of NOx and O3 . This includes inferring bi-directional surface-atmosphere exchange fluxes as well as the role of the canopy interactions between the emissions, dry deposition, chemistry and turbulent transport of trace gases. During our investigation of diurnal and seasonal differences between model and measurements, we conducted a set of sensitivity studies to analyse the effects of changes in NOx -soil emissions, in-canopy turbulence and resistances for O3 and NO2 uptake on wet surfaces. These analyses suggest some modification in the representation of some of the poorly constrained canopy processes resulting in a significantly better agreement between the simulated and measured exchange fluxes and concentrations. Furthermore we have compared different NOx -soil emission flux-scenarios with NOx - fluxes measured by different techniques.
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