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TítuloThe Brazilian sardine (Sardinella brasiliensis) landings and its relationship with the marine variability in the Southeast Brazilian Bight (SBB)
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ResumoThis work presents an analysis of the influence of the marine climatic variability on the monthly catching of the Sardinella brasiliensis, in the Southeast Brazilian Bight (SBB) between 1990 and 2014. Remote Sensing data was used to obtain time series of Sea Surface Temperature and Chlorophyll a anomalies. In order to evaluate the relationship between these variables the methods of wavelets, cross-wavelets and cross-correlation were applied. The results show that the SSTA positive values are related to a decrease in catching sardines, while negative values of SSTA that are associated with increased production. We note that in the study area the observed SSTA are predominantly positive from the year 2000 and may be influenced to reduce the amount of sardines landed. The maximum and minimum values of SSTA occurred mainly at the time of recruitment to the adult stock or the beginning of the spawning season of the Brazilian sardine. The cross-correlation between the production of sardines and the concentration of chlorophyll a showed two peaks, one at 7 and another 3.5 years. The peak years of the chlorophyll concentration to, for example, 2007, the production of sardine will be greater with a lag 1.5 to 2 years. Factors such as SST, wind, Ekman transport and oncentration of chlorophyll a govern the abundance and distribution of the Brazilian sardine, as they determine the amount of food that will ensure successful reproduction and recruitment of this species. All aspects should be considered for obtaining a coherent and sustainable fishing policy.
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