Please, follow the instructions below.
1. If you accept the copyright conditions below, click the Accept Button to begin the download process.
2. A window will open to save the download file in your file system.
2.1. Select the directory where to save the document. For example, if you already have a URLib local collection under a directory called, say <URLib>, select that directory. If you don't have such a local collection, just create a directory say <URLib> before going on the download process.
2.2. Save the download file as <>.
3. Extract the <> file. If you have the URLib Service running on your computer, click the IR Button, otherwise use any zip-file extraction program.
OBS. 1  In the URLib collection, each document is deposited in its own repository. Based on the concept of Uniform Repository, any document will be compatible with any URLib local collection. In other words, each document in the collection will work as a plug-in.
OBS. 2  The <> file may contain a document with links. Some of these links might be working only if you have the URLib Service running on your computer.